A Wave of Relaxation

A Wave of Relaxation

30 minutes

1500 рублей

Some leisure to your mind and total relaxation of your body is the secret of inspiration for new achievements and of an energy boost. But the active man of today has no time for leisure. If your every minute is very precious to you and you do require some good relaxation choose the Wave of Relaxation massage. It is the program for those who values time but who think their health is even more valuable.

Make yourself ready for an outburst of bright emotions, for a whirlwind of aromas enveloping your body and your mind, for a wave of sensuality and bliss that every inch of your body experiences.

The program includes:

  1. Aromatic shower with an exquisite girl;
  2. Aroma therapy;
  3. Erotic massage;
  4. Balm shower in the company of a real beauty.

When you choose the Wave of relaxation massage you will invigorate your mental strength, experience the inimitable bodily relaxation and get complete aesthetic pleasure in merely half an hour! The incredibly pleasant erotic massage in the "Maulin Rouge" parlor is worth every minute of it!