Thai Delight

Thai Delight

2 hours

4100 рублей

5900 рублей

Are you ready for some hot sexual sensations? Do you want to experience something remarkable both emotionally and bodily? Have you ever dreamed to find out what the Thai massage is? It's time to bring to life your entire secret wishes and lust. Time to listen to your body and its responses to the skilful actions of our massage girls.

Breathtaking aromas, skin-caressing oils, inexpressible sensations in the course of ALL your body part being massaged – you will experience all this by choosing Thai Delight optional program.

The program includes:

  1. Aromatic bath-tub with a compliant and tender beauty;
  2. Aqua-foam body massage;
  3. Aroma therapy;
  4. Bright erotic massage;
  5. Lingam massage;
  6. Thai oil massage;
  7. Relaxing shower with a languishing temptress.

Thai Delight is the confession of your body and satisfaction of its desires, it is full immersion in tactile sensations and unforgettable emotions. You will get to know your body anew, finding out its hidden sexual abilities which will benefit your intimate life and your body's state.