Stone Delight

Stone Delight

1 hour

2500 рублей

3700 рублей

Expand the range of bodily pleasures, relax your body and unload your mind. Get the burden daily routine and worries off your back and give in to the feelings and desires that the "Stone Delight" massage at the "Maulin Rouge" parlor brings to you.

This program is not merely some exquisite erotic massage performed with skilful hands of our charmers. Its basis is the stone therapy, the massage using volcanic rocks! In combination with erotic elements and the heavenly environment these volcanic rocks on your body will make you ecstatic. No less important is the fact that such massage is beneficial, too; it is recommended to those who suffer from back aches, who want to strengthen one's whole body and to relax completely.

The program includes:

  1. Aromatic shower with a charming stranger girl who will make it even more pleasing;
  2. Aroma therapy;
  3. Unforgettable erotic massage;
  4. Massage using volcanic rocks;
  5. Another shower with a caressing girl.

After the "Stone Delight" massage you will feel the boost of strength and energy. Your body will get rid of any strain and stiffness, you will forget about any back or muscle aches. You will be ready for new achievements and successes!