Geisha's Kiss

Geisha's Kiss

2,5 hours

4900 рублей

7100 рублей

Let yourself into the hands of a skilful geisha girl, let her do whatever she wants with your body, reach the very climax of bliss and immerse into the sea of incredible sensations at the peak of pleasure. This bold sexual fantasy will come true in the "Maulin Rouge" parlor. Just choose Geisha's Kiss program.

Massage is the best way to take the load off your back and to unwind, both physically and emotionally. But the erotic massage of Geisha's Kiss is something bigger and better. Here you are - clad in fragrant aromas, the air of limitless sexuality and passion reigns, you yield to the sensations totally. Working with every inch of your body, including the intimate zones, and the massage done with tender lips, firm tongue and passionate breath will fill you with enthusiasm.

The program includes:

  1. Aroma bath-tub in the company of a tempting geisha girl
  2. Aqua-foam body massage
  3. Aroma therapy
  4. Erotic massage act
  5. Lingam massage
  6. Sakura (Cherry Blossom) massage
  7. Relaxing massage;
  8. Aromatic balm shower together with a charming girl.

The Geisha's Kiss program is so intense, varied and filled with feelings, emotions and sensations that you will be a different man after it's over. Pleasures of the flesh will take a different shape, your body will become more responsive and you will reach higher levels in bed. Do we have to say that you are not going to forget it?