The Bliss Island

The Bliss Island

1 hour

2500 рублей

3700 рублей

Have you long dreamed of forgetting about the daily routine and hustle of the day? Now is the right time to relax and give your body the long-awaited relaxation. It's high time to travel to the island of secret desires, hot touches and ecstatic sensations. This is the "Maulin Rouge" island, and the travel ticket to the world of bodily and aesthetic pleasure is the Bliss Island program.

You body will get the log hoped-for relaxation which can be obtained only through the erotic massage. Skilful hands of our enchantresses perform wonders, massaging your tense muscles and giving the desired feeling of lightness, agility and power.

The program includes:

  1. Shower with aromatic balm in the company of a charming girl;
  2. Aroma therapy;
  3. Unforgettable erotic massage;
  4. One piece massage – massage of one piece of your body for 25 minutes. It can be your spine, your sole or any other part of your body. It's up to you to decide!
  5. Shower with a beautiful girl in the atmosphere of bliss and pleasing aromas.

The Bliss Island gives to your body what it really needs. You relax completely and get rid of all accumulated tiredness, negativity and tenseness. Implementation of your boldest erotic desires and total emancipation will boost you up with powerful energy. It will take only one hour and you'll feel like returning from the island where only you and wonderful nymphs ruled. You are in full command again and ready for new challenges and achievements!