Hawaiian Adventure

Hawaiian Adventure

1,5 hour

3300 рублей

4800 рублей

Are you tired of everyday life and the bustle of the day? You feel it's time for a vacation but you can not travel to some warmer countries yet? You can find yourself in Hawaii right now, what you need is to visit the "Maulin Rouge" parlor. Choose the Hawaiian Adventure program and here you are, on an exotic island with all accompanying tropical pleasures and hot beauties.

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure when you will be able to relax, find out stunning delights and get rid of your tiredness. It's gonna be hot! Can't be the other way in the company of hot chicks who know how to work with your body.

The program includes:

  1. Fantasy-stirring shower with a stunning island girl;
  2. Aroma therapy;
  3. Tender and passionate erotic massage;
  4. Hawaiian massage;
  5. Aromatic shower in the company of a sensual coquette.

The Hawaiian Adventure is a kind of holiday you can allow more often than traveling to some islands. Please yourself with exotic procedures which will benefit your psychological and bodily state.