Oriental Fairy-tale

Oriental Fairy-tale

2 hours

4900 рублей

6700 рублей

Countries of the Orient with their harems, skilful love priestesses, hot liver and passionate sexual adventures excite the minds of men all over the world. Everybody wants to try, perceive and experience the delights available to Turkish khans. Why should you deprive yourself of the unknown pleasure if it is available now in the "Maulin Rouge" parlor?

Our beauties are real masters of erotic massage techniques and they know how to provide true Oriental-style bliss. Apart from their skills, techniques and the feminine charm they make use of aromatic oils, balms and the hookah. It's all to make you feel like a ruler whose every desire is fulfilled by tempting concubines.

 The program includes:

  1. Aromatic bath-tub in the company of a tempting inhabitant of your harem;
  2. Aqua-foam body massage;
  3. Hookah;
  4. Aroma therapy;
  5. Stunning erotic massage;
  6. Lingam massage;
  7. Oiling of your entire body, Turkish-style;
  8. Aromatic balms shower in the company of a nubile beauty.

The Oriental Fairy-tale is your ticket to the world of dreams and sexual fantasies come true. This massage will give true enjoyment to your body and create an unexpected stir in it, revealing the sexual abilities which you will make use of in your intimate life.