King of Life

King of Life

10 hours

28000 рублей

42000 рублей

You are used to enjoy life to the fullest and to get the best of it. You have an eye for leisure and luxury entertainment. You are a successful man with no-nonsense attitude. In the "Maulin Rouge" erotic massage parlor you will find more than mere rest and relaxations.

The exclusive 10-hours "King of Life" erotic massage program is what real leaders, alpha males and high-rank men need. It is a complex of pleasures which has been designed for you personally. It provides everything for your every cell to be relaxed.

The elite refreshment bar is a present to connoisseurs of the best leisure, the best girls and the best spirits. The single malt whisky of not less than 12 years, exquisite champagne and the world's best wines and other alcoholic beverages will add more flavor to your marathon of pleasures and delights.

The VIP program includes:

  1. Sauna;
  2. Aromatic bath in the company of a magnificent seductive girl;
  3. Aqua-foam body massage;
  4. Relaxing and incredibly pleasing aroma therapy;
  5. Delicious massage and erotic delight;
  6. Lingam massage which will bring you to the very top of exultation;
  7. Sakura (Cherry Blossom) tender and sensual massage;
  8. Fulfillment of your massage desires for you to chooses from the Thai, the Hawaiian or the shiatsu massage or stone therapy;
  9. Exciting caresses;
  10. Pleasing shower and balm in the company of a charming nymph;
  11. Hookah;
  12. Peep show to stir up your body and soul;
  13. and the cherry on top of it all is the sweet and bright cream show.

The King of Life program is in no way a whim of some minions of fortune but an incredibly health-promoting procedure package. Its erotic character will only increase the effect and help reach total relaxation of one's tense muscles. You will feel light and balanced at heart and be filled with powerful sexual energy which is so very important to a self-assured, strong and successful man!

Ten hours of bodily relaxation and delight, emotional comfort, aesthetic pleasure and relief of psychological tension. Ten hours in the company of the best girls of our parlor, skillfully doing the massage with their fingers, palms, lips and … You do not have to imagine all that, just give in to our beautiful erotic mistresses and spend the day full of exquisite sensations which you will never forget and be wishing to experience again and again!

Duration: 10 hours.


  • 28000 roubles with one girl;
  • 42 000 roubles with two girls.